Would you?

I always find it really interesting when the lines between art and design are blurred and when one design sphere meets another. Such is definitely the case in Mary Katranzou’s spring 2011 collection as seen in the London Fashion Week in September. It is one that has been playing on my mind since. She makes incredibly clever use of composition and digital print in order to very literally translate interiors into fashion. Yet the prints take on an almost surreal or even abstract feel and I would have loved to have been there and seen the clothes with the movement of the body underneath!

 Mary Katrantzou herself explains that the inspiration was taken from 1970’s photography of Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin and the realisation that the interiors played a role equal to the models in the photographs. Hence the idea to “…put the room on the woman, rather than the woman in the room”

I love the play between the actual shape of the clothed body and the positive / negative and very straight lined illusions created by the contrasts and the realistic prints and their placements. Another playful dimension is added by the use of lamp shade skirts and pelmet collars and skirts as well as actual objects with interior references such as chandelier crystals, mini mock drapes, tassels  and life-size doorknocker necklaces.  The colours themselves are lush and cleverly composed to set one another off.

I know they are categorized “ready to wear”… I must admit I wouldn’t, but I am absolutely fascinated by them as pieces of art / very clever design and cannot wait to see what she comes up with next! What do you think, -would you?

(Source of images: Style.com)

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