Designer tree houses

If I were (quite a bit) richer, I’d quite like to take the family to stay at the Treehotel in Sweeden. Have a look at what my son and I decided is our favourite room there:


It’s called (very aptly) The UFO.

Each room at the Treehotel is unique and has its own theme / concept (there is one with a roof top terrace, I wouldn’t mind a stay in that one either). But uniting them is the fact that they are all tree houses! I mean, isn’t this just everybody’s childhood dream come true? Combined with great design and workmanship, amazing views of Swedish forests and mountains and a bit of pampering (being in Sweden, they have even built a tree house sauna, -I kid you not), surely it makes for an unforgettable holiday!

The project is a collaboration between several recognised designers and architects and an attemps to find new ways of creating appreciation for the forest. Also, in keeping with this aim, every effort has been made to consider the environment during the construction as well as the day-to-day running of the hotel.  

-No, Treehotel do not sponsor me …although, let’s be honest, I wouldn’t say no…;-)

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