Rainy Day Kids’ Project -Patchwork Necklaces

It’s always good to have a child-friendly project up one’s sleeve and this is what I had my daughter and her cute friend make the last time one such project was needed…

All it took, was five wooden beads and some scrap fabrics (those I always have handy!!) I sewed the pieces of fabric together, making two long strips and then the girls folded the strips in half and (under my supervision, of course) sewed down the length og fabric, making a long tube.

Then all they did, was feed the beads through, tying a knot, each time a bead was in the right place. We finished up with a bow at the back, just because we LOVE bows!

One response to “Rainy Day Kids’ Project -Patchwork Necklaces

  1. hi wendy
    i followed your nice comment to your blog and boy am i glad i did! thanks for the inspiration. i know my mabel would love to make a necklace like this!

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