Advent Chocs

A few days before December this year, my lovely husband let it slip that he was making me an advent calendar. I have done him ones some years, but wasn’t planning on it this year (mainly because I’m already working on a little something for our tenth wedding anniversary, which is coming up really soon, shhhh) but knowing he was making me one, I couldn’t really not do him one and so my presents for him had to be kind of quick ones…

He loves marzipan and here in Denmark you can get loads of really good quality marzipan around christmas. My husband, not being Danish, jokes that the Danes put marzipan in everything. If you google “konfekt”  you can see what we really use it for. Our favourite “konfekt” to make (and eat) is marzipan balls with a praline centre, dipped in melted chocolate and then sprinkled with something pretty. And that’s pretty much what I did for one of his presents.

 I did draw a heat on a piece of grease proof paper and put the konfekt on that, so that they stuck together and then I put them in a pretty box (my husband appreciated the pretty box, but asked if I wanted it back as he wouldn’t know what to use a “pretty box” for…lol). I thought something like this would make a nice easy hand made valentines gift too.

So far I have completely loved all of his presents for me but the best one was an invisible zip foot for my old industrial sewing machine! It sews SO close to the zip. I am actually a little bit in love with it.

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