Football (Soccer) Themed Birthday Party

My oldest son, like all the boys in his fathers family, is crazy about football and so it wasn’t hard to guess the theme he wanted for his birthday party.

I thought I’d share some of the decorations, but please do excuse the curtainless windows (they are now dressed) and the paint stained dining chairs (there’s a future project…)

For the table we used a green paper cloth and then, using masking tape and different sized plates as templates, my husband made a football court. We then cut out sparkly footballs (from Panduro Hobby‘s scrapbooking paper range) and used these as confetti.

I was allowed to add some bows as long as they were black and thus sufficiently manly (he was turning 6 after all;-b)

I made this bunting using Adobe Illustrator and I’ll upload a printable of it later, so that it can be downloaded and the letters changed. All I did after printing the triangles, was staple it onto a length of ribbon. He loved this and had it in his room afterwards.

Here is the birthday boy after blowing out the candles along with a couple of his cute and equally football mad friends.

I just realised that I don’t really have a picture of the cake, but here’s one I made before (:-b) that looks a lot like it.

A really easy way of making a spherical cake (think ball sports, Mike from the Monsters inc movie etc) is using a christmas pudding tin. Just fill one half with batter, pop the other half on and bake at the normal temperature. It does take about twice the time to bake, but you can check by inserting a knitting needle into the hole at the top and checking it comes out clean.

3 responses to “Football (Soccer) Themed Birthday Party

  1. Det ser RIGTIG godt ud!!! Du er saa talentfuld… ohm…..din son fyldte altsaa 6 og ikke 7. hahahaha

  2. ahem… skulle lige se om du var vågen…..!!:-)


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