Hasslefree Boy’s Craft

I love making little projects with my kids and my kids love it too. But don’t you find that if you look for inspiration online, most of the things you’ll find are for girls? Well I’d love to be directed towards some good sites for boys’ crafts, because my son loves a good project. Anyway at the moment he’s at home with the flu and today, inevitably, he started getting bored and missing his school mates. I’d noticed that he’d picked up this stick that splits into two (surely there’s a word for that…) and so I suggested we make a catapult (slingshot). It took about two minutes. My son cut out a piece of leather and a piece of elastic. I sewed two little darts in the leather and attached it to the elastic and then we tied it on the stick.

 It provided oodles of fun practising and luckily we realised that aiming away from our neighbors house and  windows might prove a good idea, before we did too much damage;-)

Can you tell from his eyes he’s poorly:-(

One response to “Hasslefree Boy’s Craft

  1. Love the slingshot! He looks right at home with it – so cute.

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