Accessorising Our Walls

We are finally getting to grips with furnishing our living room. Let me tell you, it hasn’t exactly been an instant make-over(!)

Firstly we divided the living room into two rooms as we needed an extra bedroom, so my husband learned how to put up a studwall (I told you he’s wonderful!) After that, we obviously had to repaper the walls etc. Also, I knew exactly what kind of sofa I wanted and it wasn’t the cheapest kind around, but as you may have realised by now, we’re kind of cheepscates… So after much searching I found an old secondhand sofa the shape I wanted, very cheaply and reupholstered it in a neutral fabric (it used to be baby blue and very dirty). Long before we had the sofa sorted, I’d bought these Habitat cushions, that basically are dictating the colour scheme of the living room.

We have the artwork and pictures up everywhere, apart from over the sofa. I am thinking we’ll have a collection of prints in black frames and I’ve been looking on Etsy for things to fill them with. The thing I like about Etsy, is that you can get original art at very reasonable prices -my kind of thing exactly:-)

Here are some of my favourites: 

These first ones are from the shop The Big Harumph and are all letterpress prints, block prints and linoleum prints. I love the graphic quality and boldness of the prints as well as the quotes.PRINT - Antler bird man w/ thermos

PRINT - Today is the day BRIGHT YELLOW BLOCK PRINT linocut 8x10

PRINT - Hello.  Also I love you MEDIUM GREY linocut 8X10

PRINT - Jellyfish BLACK LINOCUT silhouette marine animal

This one is a limited edition print of a watercolour by Tim Sebright called “Sometimes I Act Like Myself”.Sometimes I Act Like Myself - 11 x 14 - limited edition print

Ooh ooh, but let me show you another mouthwatering favourite of mine:

These are by Tracy Melton of Focuslineart, a full time artist based in Knoxville, TN. I think the wooden discs would look great grouped over our sofa. Unfortunately, they might be a bit out of our budget. But aren’t they fantastic? They’re hollowed out on the back, so they’ll hang nice and flat on the wall.

Large Grouping of Mid Century Modern Tree Ring Paintings by Tracy Melton

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