Knit what you’d expect!

I’ve had a soft spot for these poufs by Christien Meindertsma for a couple of years now.

I love the chunkyness of the wool (or cotton rope) and the way it shows off the knitted structure and pattern. I’ve knitted with wire, strips of plastic bags and other weird things for a project before and if I could get hold of some cotton rope, I’d love to have a go at structural things like this. (Also some of the colours of these would be perfect for our living room …just saying!)

And speaking of quirky knitted interior items, have a look at this spectacular lamp, which I really quite like. It’s called Poppy and is by Melanie Porter. Wouldn’t this really cheer you up on a cloudy day?

I’m not sure my husband would share my sentiments though…

Or what about these chairs also by Melanie Porter:

I think they would all look good in an eclectic interior or in a very streamlined white one, where they would stand out against the “blank canvas”

One response to “Knit what you’d expect!

  1. Saadan en pouf vil jeg ogsaa gerne have. Du maa lige finde ud af hvordan vi kan lave saadan nogle!! 😀

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