A little update

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I’ve been working on a fab freelance designjob involving lots of these little fellas: That’s right; bees! I’m designing some apiarist protective clothing for Swienty. You might think it’s random, but I think it’s amazingly interesting:-)

Also, I have a jobinterview for a fantastic job on Thursday (my stomach is already full of butterflies…) and basically all the time that’s left in my schedule is spent in our garden, enjoying the gorgeous weather with the kids, digging over  the veg beds and what have ‘ya. So on the creative front there’s not that much to report. Instead here’s a quick moodboard I did for a boys’ collection  recently. It had to have a nautical and Danish feel.  I love boys and their fantastical world of collecting everything in their pockets, coming up with amazing lego cars and creating the craziest storylines for their play. I also love watching my daughter and her friends, but there is something care-free and fun about boys that us girls just don’t have, don’t you think?

(Picture sources: Own stock and royalty free images from the web)

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