I have a folder on my desk top named “Inspiration”. In it I store images I come across on the internet that spark some idea or that I am just drawn to. My intentions were to put the images on here, as I like the idea of having my inspiration and my different projects all in one place to be able to go back to as a kind of reference.

This picture I had to have a closer look at, as I am still in the proccess of furnishing my living room and the IQ lamp is the same one we’ve got as well as the colour scheme being nearly identical.

Some of the things I really like about this interior:

  • The book case (from, which looks a lot like the cheap diy store ones I had as a student. The colouring of the shelves however, make them much more interesting and underlines the simplicity of the construction (why didn’t I think of just painting mine like this at the time…)
  • That rug! I love the colours and the different sections and rectangles. It would force you to play around with alternative placement of the furniture and the expression would change so much with each one. I Its straight lines brings order to an otherwise quite whimsical and seemingly casual set-up.
  • The little stacks of books on the white walls…  -So cute and simple and a nice way of making a feature of the books.                                     I have been pulling my hair out recently with all my books and agonising over where on earth to put them! We have the ugliest (read cheapest!) book cases on the planet and cannot afford new ones and we simply do not have much wall space to create nice looking displays for them. Finally we have reverted to just putting them in our bedroom where at least they won’t be seen much by anyone other than ourselves. I have seen some good ideas for putting shelving up just under the ceiling along a corridor, giving the impression of a lowered section of ceiling (I think this would look even better with some nice spot lighting underneath), but our walls aren’t strong enough for this kind of set-up (don’t get me started on the crumbly walls and the never-ending search for the perfect raw plugs!!)

Image source

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