Deconstruction Hopefully Followed by Construction

This is what our dining table and chairs look(ed) like:

The table is a hand-me-down and the chairs we bought off some friends ten years ago, when we were newly-weds. It doesn’t go with the style of our other furniture at all and needless to say, I’ve been wanting a new set for a while.

My dream wish list would look like this:

  • Oval shaped table or at least rounded corners
  • extendable
  • sinple treste style legs preferably these
  • Gorgeous Eames chairs in a few different colours

The only problem with that is, we only have one income and I don’t plan on selling one of my children or any of my vital organs to acchieve the look I’m after. So as usual, the options are to live with what we’ve got or compromise somewhere. And so this is what I’ve been up to:

I was a bit nearvous about rounding the corners myself, and they are not perfect, but after some serious sanding, I am happy with them (hopefully they will still look ok, after I paint it too…)

I was debating whether to paint it white or shiny black and had actually settled on black, but since our living room is quite small and we already have a couple of dark pieces of furniture, I’ve changed my mind. Unfortunately it means returning the cheap compromise IKEA trestles and getting the white ones, so the project will take a little longer than planned, but it’s ok, we still have the duck egg blue dining table in the kitchen we can squeze around:-)

For the chairs I have a colourful upcycling idea in mind…

Ps. after some encouragement from my dad, I’ve successfully replaced a broken tile in our kitchen floor! I can’t tell you how proud of this I am. I admire it like a work of art, everytime I walk past lol.

2 responses to “Deconstruction Hopefully Followed by Construction

  1. WOW!! hvor er du god. Jeg glaeder mig til at se hvordan det kommer til at se ud faerdigt.

  2. Det er sødt af dig, men lad os nu se…:-)

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