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Farmyard Animals Cake

The cake I made ready for my fondant class this week. It is by no means an original design. If you want to see a gazillion versions of this, just google “farm animals cake”. I thought this would be a fun one to try, after seeing a friend post pictures of one (VERY cute one in two tiers) on facebook. That way the students could have a go at as few or as many elements as they wanted to.

I had the theme tune to Shaun the Sheep stuck in my head the whole day after…



Fondant Fun and Early Morning Quilting

Lately I’ve been busy with a few things including a quilt for Teachers’ Day (yesterday) where all the kids in my daughter’s class had written their name on a fabric heart each, which was then stitched onto the quilt. Sadly I only finished it at 3:40 am yesterday morning and thus forgot to take pictures (yawn…)

If you, like me, are an unexperienced quilter, here’s an excellent link my mum sent me to help with the binding -or finishing the edge of the quilt as I thought it was called…

Also, I am teaching a fondant evening class. I was so nervous at first, but it is proving to be lots of fun, and all the ladies in my class are just lovely! This is what we did this week: Roses…

My Fondant Recipe and a Little Boy’s Blue Elephant

It was my baby’s first birthday today, which I guess in reality means he is no longer my “baby” (sigh).

Anyway, I made him this cake with two of his favourite things on: his dummy and his blue elephant (without which he will not go to sleep.)

Here in Danmark, you can’t buy ready to roll icing or fondant and because I’ve had to, I’ve found out that it is very simple to make. I’ve been asked for the recipe here many times, so I thought I’d post it on here.

All I do is mix:

  • one 500g pack icing sugar (flormelis:-b),
  • One tub pasteurised egg white (1,5 whites) and
  • 3 tablespoons liquid glycose (this can be bought in the pharmacy or cheaper and in the form of a more liquid syrup from Brugsen)

I put everything in my food proccessor (mainly because I don’t have a blender), but be a bit cautious if your food proccessor is cheap and flimsy. My first one was and this broke it! Alternatively just mix it with your hands. You’ll need to knead it by hand anyway.

When you’ve done this, you can colour it using food colouring and it’ll now be just like plastacine, so have fun!