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Christmas Panick

It’s the time of the year when we start talking about presents… expecially as two of our children have their birthdays in November, so by the time we’re done with presents and partyplans etc, it’s nearly time for advent calendars and all the christmas stress fun to begin. Every year I decide to give really personal gifts and preferably make most of them myself as well as remember to post a family letter with all the cards that I’ll send out in the beginning of the month (!) erm, usually I fail at most of the above and we end up staying up late on the last day of November wrapping a gazillion little advent calendar gifts, the christmas cards are sent out AFTER christmas and the family christmas letter ends up being a family new years letter and only gets sent out to half of the family, as I never get around to translating it (half the family is Danish and half is English). This year I’m planning on being slightly less ambitious in an attempt to make failure a little less likely! I do want to send out cards, but I think they’ll be done as a family home evening activity in November and there will be no christmas family letter, but just possibly a post on the family blog (a rare occurance in itself!) around that time. Advent calendars will be just that…  four presents for each child -one each on the four Sundays of advent rather than  72 smaller ones! (Just thinking about finding and wrapping that many makes my palms sweaty!)

As for the christmas presents, I still like the idea of making a few myself. There are some really good ideas around on the internet. Here’s one by Jesicca from Running with scissors that I really like (and which my boys would love):

The tutorial is here on Tatertots and jello. Aren’t they cute?!


More Japanese fashion inspiration -Asian iCandy Store

Sticking with the Japanese design theme… I just Came across this online shop featuring limited edition clothes by Korean / Japanese designers. Many items are also hand painted or hand knitted and all are priced incredibly reasonably. There are lots of garments with interesting, asymmetrical cuts, fun silhuettes and cute details. (-and they ship worldwide, yipee).Below are some of my favorites, but I could keep going…


Pattern Magic

I just had a birthday and I got the most amazing present from my parents. Pattern Magic volume 2. It’s in Japanese (although it is finally going to be translated into English. A copy can be preordered here) But there are excellent illustrations, so constructing the patterns should be realistic even without understanding the text. I’m drafting this one in my size first:

I love the way the knots look a bit like flowers.

If I succeed in making the dress, I want to make one of the shirts. It looks like a shirt with a tie until, on further inspection, one realises that the bottom of the tie is part of the front of the shirt. I will have to post a picture of that later.

I just can’t get enough of flicking though the book and marvelling at all the cleverness:-)

Looking for the perfect man? -Sorry, he’s taken…

Today for my advent calendar, I think my husband outdid himself… I got a box of Jelly beans (which I love and you can’t get that often here in Denmark). As if that wasn’t good enough (I was already thrilled and opened it straight away) on top of the beans was another foot for my sewing machine. This time one for normal zips! -No, you can’t have him, he’s mine, I tell you:-) 

Time for some serious and simultanous sewing and munching:-)

Advent Chocs

A few days before December this year, my lovely husband let it slip that he was making me an advent calendar. I have done him ones some years, but wasn’t planning on it this year (mainly because I’m already working on a little something for our tenth wedding anniversary, which is coming up really soon, shhhh) but knowing he was making me one, I couldn’t really not do him one and so my presents for him had to be kind of quick ones…

He loves marzipan and here in Denmark you can get loads of really good quality marzipan around christmas. My husband, not being Danish, jokes that the Danes put marzipan in everything. If you google “konfekt”  you can see what we really use it for. Our favourite “konfekt” to make (and eat) is marzipan balls with a praline centre, dipped in melted chocolate and then sprinkled with something pretty. And that’s pretty much what I did for one of his presents.

 I did draw a heat on a piece of grease proof paper and put the konfekt on that, so that they stuck together and then I put them in a pretty box (my husband appreciated the pretty box, but asked if I wanted it back as he wouldn’t know what to use a “pretty box” for…lol). I thought something like this would make a nice easy hand made valentines gift too.

So far I have completely loved all of his presents for me but the best one was an invisible zip foot for my old industrial sewing machine! It sews SO close to the zip. I am actually a little bit in love with it.