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…And Our Home-made Lampshade

And this was our take on a lamp shade. I used napkins, cut them into bird shapes and glued a single layer onto the shade with diluted PVA. I then embroidered little details onto the lamp shade as well.


Lamp Speculations and Ideas

I want to make a new lamp for my daughter’s room and bought some cheapo rice paper lamntern style lamp shades. When doing a bit of research I came across Taj Wood & Scherer. Their fantastical and whimsical designs really appealed to me because I think they capture the essence of children’s imagination so well! Their website really portray the essence of their style too.

My other idea I am sure you have all seen lately. There seems to be a trend for having a couple of rice paper lamps hanging down from the same spot. Of course now I couldn’t find a picture to show that… I thought it would look cute with two lamps in two different solid colours. Her bedroom is going to be all white with spots of bright colours.

Star Wars Themed Wardrobe (On a Shoestring as Usual)

I promised to post about how I’d painted the Star Wars image onto my son’s wardrobe. -I should really stop doing that… promising to post about something specific. It leaves me with no desire whatsoever to then post about it:-) In any case, here is how I did it. I’ve since been asked about a million times, by people much smarter than me, whether I projected the image onto the wardrobe and traced it from that… Well I guess that’s what a clever person in possesion of a projector would do… but appearantly I am neither of those things and so instead I did this:

This is the image I used. Now remember those drawing books we had as children, where you had one image with a grid of squares across it and then you had a larger area with larger blank squares and you had to enlarge the image, using the squares as a guide? -Well I used to find them very uninspiring and always skipped those exercises. However, for this is worked well. I used a piece of tracing paper (actually I’d run out and used baking parchment!), that I placed on top of my son’s Star Wars folder. I divided the tracing paper into squares of 1 cm each. I then figured out how much larger I wanted the image on the wardrobe door and as far as I remember, the squares I drew on there were 15 cm (maybe 10…?) The all I had to do was trace the image, one square at a time, being careful for the lines to start, end and slope exactly how they did on the smaller image.

Here’s how it looked when I’d finished: I didn’t bother too much about shading at this stage, it was really only a line drawing.

Next, I painted it, using acrylic paints. The trick here is to start with the background and also, use the lighter colours first, adding the darker shades for shadows and texture later.

Also, remember to prepare the surface to be painted sufficiently first. It would be such a shame, if the paint chips off too soon. So sand it down and paint with a primer first.

Another tip: Let the children help, but withOUT paint…

Some other things we did in my son’s Star Wars themed room included these pictures, which we printed out in size A3 and mounted in the super cheap IKEA frames, which we’d painted silver on the front (all of them) and each a different accent colour on the sides.

My son’s favourite thing about his new room turned out to be this alarm clock, which counts down from ten and lauches the rocket. It turned out to be my favourite too, as he now gets himself up in the morning!

I’d love to see some of your painted furniture or Star Wars themes kids’ rooms too, so please feel free to leave a link!

Free Fabric Swatch -Designed by You!

It’s Free Swatch Day over at Spoonflower. And that means you can upload your own design and have it printed ón an 8 x 8 inch piece of fabric and then they will send it anywhere in the world. Free. Starting aproximately now and running for the next 24 hrs. That’s what we like, right?
It’s a really cool site at any time. There are a ton og cute indie designer fabrics for sale or you Can always create your own. And they have some really fun and cute contests each month.


I have a folder on my desk top named “Inspiration”. In it I store images I come across on the internet that spark some idea or that I am just drawn to. My intentions were to put the images on here, as I like the idea of having my inspiration and my different projects all in one place to be able to go back to as a kind of reference.

This picture I had to have a closer look at, as I am still in the proccess of furnishing my living room and the IQ lamp is the same one we’ve got as well as the colour scheme being nearly identical.

Some of the things I really like about this interior:

  • The book case (from, which looks a lot like the cheap diy store ones I had as a student. The colouring of the shelves however, make them much more interesting and underlines the simplicity of the construction (why didn’t I think of just painting mine like this at the time…)
  • That rug! I love the colours and the different sections and rectangles. It would force you to play around with alternative placement of the furniture and the expression would change so much with each one. I Its straight lines brings order to an otherwise quite whimsical and seemingly casual set-up.
  • The little stacks of books on the white walls…  -So cute and simple and a nice way of making a feature of the books.                                     I have been pulling my hair out recently with all my books and agonising over where on earth to put them! We have the ugliest (read cheapest!) book cases on the planet and cannot afford new ones and we simply do not have much wall space to create nice looking displays for them. Finally we have reverted to just putting them in our bedroom where at least they won’t be seen much by anyone other than ourselves. I have seen some good ideas for putting shelving up just under the ceiling along a corridor, giving the impression of a lowered section of ceiling (I think this would look even better with some nice spot lighting underneath), but our walls aren’t strong enough for this kind of set-up (don’t get me started on the crumbly walls and the never-ending search for the perfect raw plugs!!)

Image source

Candy Coloured Furniture

As I’ve mentioned before, most of our furniture is recycled and painted. Our kitchen units too are the original units with a coat (okay about ten coats, as they were really dark and are now white!) of paint and new knobs. I wanted to have a small dinig table and a couple of chairs in the kitchen as there wasn’t the space for a large one, but I like the kids to be able to do their homework out there while I cook dinner. so I bought this set second hand and painted them with some leftover wood paint and they turned out like this. I can’t wait to accessorise my kitchen now:-) I’be been thinking bunting ever since I saw those colours together.

Star Wars Themed Boy’s Bedroom

I knew posting would be sparse over the Summer, but happily, I’ve been finishing some projects (and I was beginning to think I only ever started them…). Nothing beats the feeling of finishing something, right?

I finished my son’s wardrobe doors the other day. He needed a wardrobe and we had a really old one we’d pulled out of my daughter’s room when we moved in. We’d stored it in the garage ever since and the door was discoloured and not very nice. He wanted a Star Wars themed bedroom, so I thought I’d paint a Star Wars motif on the doors. This is how they turned out (sorry, iphone pics again…) Once we hang the doors, I’ll post a better picture and also a tutorial in case someone else wants to paint a really big picture in a kids’ bedroom or just some tips on painting furniture.

This is the main door:

-and this is the top box. I over-lapped the image, to tie the two together.  I finished off by giving both a coat of clear varnish as they are in the room of a six yeal old and are likely to take a beating…