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…And Our Home-made Lampshade

And this was our take on a lamp shade. I used napkins, cut them into bird shapes and glued a single layer onto the shade with diluted PVA. I then embroidered little details onto the lamp shade as well.


Home Made Playdogh

My Playdogh recipe as promised. It provided hours of fun (read peace;-b) and on Saturday, when we needed a screwdriver for the weird screws on our patio roof, I used a bit of the home-made clay to make an imprint that I took to the shop, in order to get the right screwdriver, how’s that for a versatile material:-)

1 cup (250 ml) plain flour

1/2 cup salt

2 tablespoons cream of tartar

1 cup water with food colouring in

1 teaspoon vanilla (to make it smell nice, can be omitted)

Put all the ingredients into a large saucepan and stir over a medium heat until it comes together and starts to form a ball. Allow to cool, then knead until smooth and PLAY!

I find the best way to get the pans clean, is to soak them in water for half an hour or longer. After that the playdogh can be rinsed right off.

Update: I meant to add that here in Denmark, you CAN get cream of tartar… it’s called Vinsyre. I never thought you could and imported a tub from England now and then. But then the rest of you are probably smarter than me and knew all along…

Efterårsferie – Fall Break

It’s the last day of school before the Danish “Autumn holiday” begins and right on cue the lawn was all sparkly and frosty when we got up this morning and judging by the temperatures as the kids left for school, those snowsuits will be in use before the end of next wekk brrrr. I can’t believe that earlier this week, I was folding up summer dresses and shorts that the kids wore just last week!

But in spite of the low temperatures, the sun is out, making everything look beautiful and the autumn coloured leaves are glowing. My husband has to work next week, so we’ll probably be staying home most of the week. That of course calls for lots of fun crafts and activities and actually I can’t wait. My children are aged 20 months, 6 and 8,  and there is one girl and two boys, so the crafts have to be quite varied. Also they have to be -you guessed it -cheap or free! Some of the activities on my mental list for next week are:

  • Home made play dogh (I have a great recipe, I’ll have to share it on here)
  • Fimo clay (Polymer Clay) Utensils (a favourite of my older kids’)
  • cooked, dyed pasta (a big portion poured into a large tray… great for little fingers to squash and explore and it doesn’t matter if a bit gets eaten… I bet the older ones won’t be able to stay away once the little on gets stuck in!)
  • Dancing in the living room (EVERYBODY loves that!)
  • going on a trip to collect conkers and making things with them
  • buying the largest pumkins we can find and carving them freehand
  • fishing for starfish (there were tons of them down by the harbour the other day, when we walked past)
  • this!

Bring on any kind of weather, we’ve already stocked up on hot chocolate and snow suits.

Alphabet Cookies

My son is in year one and has a hard time remembering what the different letters look like. In attampt to help him with this, we made alphabet cookies last weekend. He loved it! I would say a letter, he then had to remember what it looked like and shape it out of cookie dough. While he shaped it, we came up with as many words, as we could, that started with that letter. He was so proud to serve up his very own alphabet:-)

It’s best to do these in a dough that does not rise too much. Something like a shortbread.

(Random info, -in Danish we have three extra letters, they are Æ, Ø and Å -Just in case you were wondering what that weird letter in the photo was.)

Hasslefree Boy’s Craft

I love making little projects with my kids and my kids love it too. But don’t you find that if you look for inspiration online, most of the things you’ll find are for girls? Well I’d love to be directed towards some good sites for boys’ crafts, because my son loves a good project. Anyway at the moment he’s at home with the flu and today, inevitably, he started getting bored and missing his school mates. I’d noticed that he’d picked up this stick that splits into two (surely there’s a word for that…) and so I suggested we make a catapult (slingshot). It took about two minutes. My son cut out a piece of leather and a piece of elastic. I sewed two little darts in the leather and attached it to the elastic and then we tied it on the stick.

 It provided oodles of fun practising and luckily we realised that aiming away from our neighbors house and  windows might prove a good idea, before we did too much damage;-)

Can you tell from his eyes he’s poorly:-(

Rainy Day Kids’ Project -Patchwork Necklaces

It’s always good to have a child-friendly project up one’s sleeve and this is what I had my daughter and her cute friend make the last time one such project was needed…

All it took, was five wooden beads and some scrap fabrics (those I always have handy!!) I sewed the pieces of fabric together, making two long strips and then the girls folded the strips in half and (under my supervision, of course) sewed down the length og fabric, making a long tube.

Then all they did, was feed the beads through, tying a knot, each time a bead was in the right place. We finished up with a bow at the back, just because we LOVE bows!