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Gafni -The guy who puts the cycling into recycling

Isn’t this nifty?

Appearantly it will hit the marked next year and retail for $60-90.



I made this skirt, after being inspired by the picture from the previous post and seeing ruffles on everything out there in blogland.

I wanted it to be classical and high waisted with a girly twist (i.e. the ruffles on the classical tailored skirt) and I used a remnant of a wool blend. It would probably have been better in a slightly stretchy fabric, but this was what I had lying around.

I know it is nowhere near perfect, but out of the many things I have sewn for myself, I think this is the one that I have already gotten the most wear out of.

The blouse is made of recycled silk and recycled bow ties. The little “rosettes” are the actual ties rolled up and stitched onto the top. I made it for my part of this project.

Deconstruction Hopefully Followed by Construction

This is what our dining table and chairs look(ed) like:

The table is a hand-me-down and the chairs we bought off some friends ten years ago, when we were newly-weds. It doesn’t go with the style of our other furniture at all and needless to say, I’ve been wanting a new set for a while.

My dream wish list would look like this:

  • Oval shaped table or at least rounded corners
  • extendable
  • sinple treste style legs preferably these
  • Gorgeous Eames chairs in a few different colours

The only problem with that is, we only have one income and I don’t plan on selling one of my children or any of my vital organs to acchieve the look I’m after. So as usual, the options are to live with what we’ve got or compromise somewhere. And so this is what I’ve been up to:

I was a bit nearvous about rounding the corners myself, and they are not perfect, but after some serious sanding, I am happy with them (hopefully they will still look ok, after I paint it too…)

I was debating whether to paint it white or shiny black and had actually settled on black, but since our living room is quite small and we already have a couple of dark pieces of furniture, I’ve changed my mind. Unfortunately it means returning the cheap compromise IKEA trestles and getting the white ones, so the project will take a little longer than planned, but it’s ok, we still have the duck egg blue dining table in the kitchen we can squeze around:-)

For the chairs I have a colourful upcycling idea in mind…

Ps. after some encouragement from my dad, I’ve successfully replaced a broken tile in our kitchen floor! I can’t tell you how proud of this I am. I admire it like a work of art, everytime I walk past lol.

Candy Coloured Furniture

As I’ve mentioned before, most of our furniture is recycled and painted. Our kitchen units too are the original units with a coat (okay about ten coats, as they were really dark and are now white!) of paint and new knobs. I wanted to have a small dinig table and a couple of chairs in the kitchen as there wasn’t the space for a large one, but I like the kids to be able to do their homework out there while I cook dinner. so I bought this set second hand and painted them with some leftover wood paint and they turned out like this. I can’t wait to accessorise my kitchen now:-) I’be been thinking bunting ever since I saw those colours together.

Star Wars Themed Boy’s Bedroom

I knew posting would be sparse over the Summer, but happily, I’ve been finishing some projects (and I was beginning to think I only ever started them…). Nothing beats the feeling of finishing something, right?

I finished my son’s wardrobe doors the other day. He needed a wardrobe and we had a really old one we’d pulled out of my daughter’s room when we moved in. We’d stored it in the garage ever since and the door was discoloured and not very nice. He wanted a Star Wars themed bedroom, so I thought I’d paint a Star Wars motif on the doors. This is how they turned out (sorry, iphone pics again…) Once we hang the doors, I’ll post a better picture and also a tutorial in case someone else wants to paint a really big picture in a kids’ bedroom or just some tips on painting furniture.

This is the main door:

-and this is the top box. I over-lapped the image, to tie the two together.  I finished off by giving both a coat of clear varnish as they are in the room of a six yeal old and are likely to take a beating…

Accessorising Our Walls

We are finally getting to grips with furnishing our living room. Let me tell you, it hasn’t exactly been an instant make-over(!)

Firstly we divided the living room into two rooms as we needed an extra bedroom, so my husband learned how to put up a studwall (I told you he’s wonderful!) After that, we obviously had to repaper the walls etc. Also, I knew exactly what kind of sofa I wanted and it wasn’t the cheapest kind around, but as you may have realised by now, we’re kind of cheepscates… So after much searching I found an old secondhand sofa the shape I wanted, very cheaply and reupholstered it in a neutral fabric (it used to be baby blue and very dirty). Long before we had the sofa sorted, I’d bought these Habitat cushions, that basically are dictating the colour scheme of the living room.

We have the artwork and pictures up everywhere, apart from over the sofa. I am thinking we’ll have a collection of prints in black frames and I’ve been looking on Etsy for things to fill them with. The thing I like about Etsy, is that you can get original art at very reasonable prices -my kind of thing exactly:-)

Here are some of my favourites: 

These first ones are from the shop The Big Harumph and are all letterpress prints, block prints and linoleum prints. I love the graphic quality and boldness of the prints as well as the quotes.PRINT - Antler bird man w/ thermos

PRINT - Today is the day BRIGHT YELLOW BLOCK PRINT linocut 8x10

PRINT - Hello.  Also I love you MEDIUM GREY linocut 8X10

PRINT - Jellyfish BLACK LINOCUT silhouette marine animal

This one is a limited edition print of a watercolour by Tim Sebright called “Sometimes I Act Like Myself”.Sometimes I Act Like Myself - 11 x 14 - limited edition print

Ooh ooh, but let me show you another mouthwatering favourite of mine:

These are by Tracy Melton of Focuslineart, a full time artist based in Knoxville, TN. I think the wooden discs would look great grouped over our sofa. Unfortunately, they might be a bit out of our budget. But aren’t they fantastic? They’re hollowed out on the back, so they’ll hang nice and flat on the wall.

Large Grouping of Mid Century Modern Tree Ring Paintings by Tracy Melton

Oh the junk I bring home!

I said I was going to post some of my little projects on here, but never really got around to it… Well on Wednesday my lovely husband got up incredibly early and caught a bus to work (seriously his bus left around 6 am!) so that I could have the car. My treat, when I have the car, is to go to one or two charity shops and have a good old rummage through the smelly furniture (those places really smell, don’t they!) I took my daughter along this last time and she particularly loved the fact that our neighbouring village, where the charity shop is, is called Helved. In Danish that is pronounced in exactly the same way (and nearly spelled in the same way too) as the Danish word for hell.

 I don’t know why the village has been named this way, but my daughter found it hilarious that we had “gone to hell” for a shop:-)

Anyway, the people working there are so sweet and if there’s anything in particular you’re after and they don’t have it, they’ll take your details down and send you a text if / when they get it in.

We bought this table and the chairs.

Our house was built in the sixties and so we’re tried to furnish it in a style that complements it, hence quite retro. The kitchen was dark wood, but I’ve painted all the cabinets white and added some retro black and white IKEA knobs and I’d quite like to paint the table and chairs some fun candy colours. The other day I looked around our living room and realised that we in fact do not own a single piece of furniture in there that we bought from new -well unless you count the lamp that we bargained with the IKEA guy over and got at a reduced price:-)

I also got these shoes for 10 dkr (about one UK pound) and I want to give them a bit of a make-over, inspired by Grosgrain’s cute shoe sugar ideas.


Another project I’m working on these days is a 50 style dress inspired by this vintage pattern that an elderly friend let me have, when she moved house.

 The top will be simpler and I’m using the blue and white polka dot fabric. The belt is also thrifted. (sometimes I think I was born in the wrong century, I love those feminine waisted dresses!)

The final project I’m working on at the moment is some illustrations I’m doing for Lua Nova. I read about the project on Barefoot in the kitchen (great blog) and I’m so excited to be doing these (although I’m working much too slowly on these). I’ll post a couple of them on here when they’re all done.

I would love to hear about some of your upcycled projects!

Have a great nearly-weekend;-)